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Our travel experts come from different backgrounds but share one thing in common; a passion to provide exceptional travel experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize travel experiences by providing every traveler with the utmost satisfaction and convenience at their chosen destination. We empathize with the overwhelming nature of trip planning, where even meticulous arrangements can still result in unexpected surprises. At Triptinary, our dedicated travel experts will grasp your preferences and curate the ideal itinerary, allowing you to relax and prepare for a seamless and extraordinary vacation of a lifetime.

Who We Are

Triptinary is the one service you need to get the best out of your trips and enjoy your travels stress-free. Our services include conducting consultation calls to understand your travel preferences, designing detailed itineraries for your dream vacations, booking all activities, transportation, and accommodation, and providing 24/7 chat support during your travels.

With their extensive knowledge about our destinations, our travel experts will give you tips and hacks that you won’t find online.

Our main mission is to level up your travel experience by tailoring trips that fit your specific preferences. We make sure that your itinerary includes experiences that are handpicked specifically to your interests and needs.

So what are you waiting for?! Schedule your free call today and let us plan your trip while you daydream about your vacation.

About The Founder

When Farah graduated from university, her dream was to move to Dubai and establish a successful career in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. As a central hub for travel and having direct flights to over 90 countries, Dubai inspired her to travel and explore the world whenever she had time off from her 8 to 6 job. It wasn’t long before her travels sparked a passion for discovering new places, learning about local cultures, and embarking on life-changing adventures. Farah took great pleasure in planning trips to make sure she doesn’t miss out on the best experiences and to create lifelong memories. Traveling with friends, colleagues, family, and sometimes solo, she was always the itinerary planner and the leader of the trip. Over time, her extensive knowledge of several destinations led her to become the go-to person for travel tips and recommendations within her friends & family circle.

Realizing how time-consuming and stressful it could be to plan the perfect trip, the idea of Triptinary was born. After years of balancing between her full-time job and continuous traveling, Farah decided to turn her passion into her profession. She quit her job and started Triptinary to help people elevate their travel experiences.

Today, along with a diverse team of like-minded travel experts, Farah is thrilled to have Triptinary take part in many travel stories around the world.